About Us

About Our Company


Global Immigration Review Magazine or GIR is an online and print global immigration magazine. Promoters of GIR belong to the family that owns The Indian Defence Review or IDR (www.indiandefencereview.com), one of India’s longest standing defense magazines which began circulation in 1986. Our offices are located in the United States and India. 

Our Mission


Global Immigration Review Magazine or GIR’s aim is to bring the latest from the world of immigration from countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Grenada, Turkey, Cyprus and many more. Our mission is to assist our readers in making informed decisions about their immigration. Global Immigration Review magazine is also aimed at assisting immigration service providers reach their target audience.  

At Global Immigration Review Magazine our approach is simple. We connect with industry experts to bring the latest and accurate developments in the fast moving global immigration and mobility landscape. We have a panel of United States immigration attorneys, Canada immigration agents, Australia immigration agents and immigration lawyers from the United Kingdom. In many countries immigration agents are unregulated resulting in widespread misinformation. Global Immigration Review Magazine aims to disseminate accurate information relating to wide variety of global immigration topics such as skilled worker visa, start up visa, student visa and investor visa programs in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. We also aim to cover Citizenship by Investment Programs offered by Caribbean nations such as Grenada and European programs such as Portugal Golden Visa. 

Think Immigration, Think Global Immigration Review Magazine. Your Gateway To The World!!!