EB1 Visas landing

Employment-Based First Preference Work Visas In the USA

EB-1 Visa is a USA work visa that’s granted to the most accomplished people in their professional fields, be it sciences, art, education, sports, music etc. For instance, an accomplished singer (whose accomplishments are thoroughly documented and can be proved) or an accomplished doctor would typically apply for EB 1 Visa in order to work or live as an immigrant in the USA. One clear benefit of getting an EB-1 visa is that you are exempt from labor certification requirement. However, the common confusion about EB-1 visa is whether or not job offer, or current employment is needed for acquiring this visa. The answer to that lies in understanding its three categories:


This category includes skilled workers, Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

Granted to Non-USA citizens having extraordinary abilities in their professional fields such as art, education, sciences, education and sports.

No need of permanent job offers or current employment.

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Researchers and/or professors of outstanding abilities

Granted to Non-USA citizens who are researchers and professors whose achievements are properly documents.

Permanent job offer/current employment required.

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Multinational company managers/executives

Granted to Non-USA citizens who are currently working as managers or executives in multinational companies.

Permanent job offer/current employment required.

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Understanding EB1 Visa Types In Detail

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