Visitor Visa Canada

If you are a traveller, you need a visitor visa to enter Canada or if you are transiting through a Canadian airport. The application for a visitor’s visa can be done online or on paper.

Eligibility to Apply For a Visitor Visa:

To get a visitor visa, you need to meet some basic requirements.

You should have the following:

  • Valid travel document, like a passport.
  • No criminal or immigration-related offences
  • Proof of your intention to go back to your home country by showing your employment status, financial assets and family residence.
  • Sufficient funds to cover your stay
  • A medical exam if you intend to stay more than 6 months unless required due to other circumstances
  • A sponsorship letter from a Canadian resident, inviting you to visit Canada

Your entry into Canada oculd be denied for a number of reasons, including but not limited to human rights violations, criminal convictions, health and financial issues. For a complete list visit the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) website.

Application Process:

When applying for a Canadian visa, you need to create a Government of Canada (GC) login called GCKey. GCKey is needed to access any Government of Canada’s online services, including CIC website.

Step-By-Step Process:

  • Sign into the CIC website using your GCKey
  • Choose ‘Visitor Visa’ from the options presented in the system
  • Fill in the mandatory details and save the page
  • Download visa application forms
  • Fill, electronic sign and upload the signed visa application forms
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Pay visa fee
  • Submit your application
  • Check the status of your visa application
  • After the approval, mail your passport to a Visa Application Center (VAC)

Documentation Required For Canada Tourist Visa:

  • Download ‘Form IMM5257’ from your application page. It is also called the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) application.
  • Last 4 months bank statement or employment Letter or payslips
  • Copy of your passport
  • Purpose of travel including the record of hotel stays, flight tickets, etc
  • FormIMM5645- Downloaded and filled
  • Pages with visa/stamps from all your passports of the last 10 years
  • Digital Photo in JPG format. Size<240KB
  • Download ‘Schedule 1 Form 5257’ from your application page
  • A letter that explains the purpose of your trip.



The processing fee for a visitor’s visa to Canada is $100. This should be paid during the submission of your application using a credit card.


How Long Can You Stay In Canada With A Visitor Visa?

You can stay for up to 6 months in Canada with a visitor visa. During your entry into the country, the border services officer may allow you to stay for more or less than 6 months. They will enter the date that you need to leave the country on your passport. They will also give you a document called visitor record which will have details on the date that you need to leave Canada.



If you hold a passport from any of the countries below, you will need to complete your biometrics at the nearest VAC when applying for your Canada tourist visa.
















Saudi Arabia


South Sudan

Sri Lanka







Application Processing time:

The processing time of your visa for Canada depends on what country you apply from. The general time to get your visa approved is from 5 to 50 days. You can check the application processing time for your visa on the CIC website. The approval of your visa is dependent on the consular office.


How to Apply?

  • Visit your nearest Visa Application Center (VAC) to apply for your Canadian tourist visa.
  • Send your visa application via mail to your nearest Visa Application Center (VAC)

There is no option to apply through a visa or a travel agency for Canada.

Unfortunately, there is no priority visa service. You need to check the processing time and apply in advance to get your visa on time for your personal exigencies. It is advised to apply for Canada’s visitor visa at least 3 months in advance.


After Visa Approval:

You will be notified via email if your visa application is approved. If your visa is approved, you need to mail your original passport to the nearest VAC. They will send your passport to the Consulate of Canada for the visa. If you chose to personally drop off your passport, contact your VAC or CIC for information.



Your application is considered void if you do not send your passport within 30 days of your application approval.